Deer Valley Nightstand with Copper


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Deer Valley NightstandCopper has been recycled about as long as it’s been used by man. In the early American colonies, copper was regularly recycled to avoid having to go through Britain to get new copper objects. Even today, recycled copper makes up a big portion of all the copper products that are bought and sold in the United States.

This Mexican-made Deer Valley Nightstand with Copper features hand-hammered recycled copper paneling. It’s also crafted individually by hand, and as an eco-friendly bonus makes use of reclaimed barnwood. You’ll encounter a slightly longer wait time if you order this product. But you’re getting quality craftsmanship in return. The copper also makes it a unique addition to your western bedroom furniture.

For other coppery western touches to your log cabin decor, check out this Tombstone Ridge Table Lamp and this horse metal art wall hanging. The brilliant sheen of copper adds a special touch to any room.

Tooled Leather Executive Chair


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Tooled Leather Executive ChairThat classic look of tooled leather you see so often, the floral pattern with intricately scrolled leaves, is known as Sheridan style tooling. It’s common in the States and Mexico and can be seen on saddles and belts as well as just about any other leather object someone might take the time to tool.

This tooled leather executive chair features that Sheridan tooling in a rich coffee finish. It has an adjustable seat and is handcrafted from solid oak. And five casters make it easy on your office flooring.

It might be tempting to focus all your design energy on the living areas in your home or cabin, but the office is also a great place to explore design ideas. A rustic chair can be an easy way to add a splash of lodge style. This office chair has an elk carving on the front headpiece and brindle hair on hide. It might be just what you need to bring log cabin decor from the living room into the office.

Piggyback Bear with Cub Wood Carving


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Piggyback Bear with CubWood carver Jeff Fleming has been sculpting wood for 25 years. A Montana native, he has focused his work on natural beauty and wildlife—especially bears. In 1993, the Big Sky Bears line began reproducing his whimsical bear designs, and the Bearfoots line followed soon after. His designs have been wildly popular ever since.

This Piggyback Bear with Cub Wood Carving is a perfect example of the Bearfoots whimsical bear charm. Carved from western pine, it features natural wood grains, fine detail and a quality stain. Best of all, well, it’s cute.

Other Bearfoot bears include this smiling bear wood carving and this bear cookie jar. Bear decor is just right for any rustic decor plan. It complements the natural theme and fills a home with a welcoming spirit.

Barnwood Enclosed Nightstand


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Barnwood Enclosed NightstandThe use of reclaimed wood for furniture and flooring has been slowly on the rise. Wood was used plentifully in construction in early American history because it was so plentiful. As those old buildings are torn down, the wood is being used elsewhere. This has notable environmental implications. In this article for ProSales magazine, Bob Falk of Madison, Wisconsin’s Forest Service’s Forest Product Lab says, “If you spec reclaimed rather than new lumber in a new house, you can cut the carbon footprint for the lumber by 60% to 90%.”

This barnwood nightstand is made from reclaimed red oak from 1800s tobacco barns and kiln-dried bark-on hickory legs. It’s finished in a matte lacquer for rustic polish. If you’re looking for other reclaimed lumber bedroom furniture, check out this four-drawer dresser and spacious rustic armoire for storage.

Reclaimed barnwood, with its natural distressing and character, lends itself perfectly to rustic home decor.

Bearly Daylight Framed Print


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Bearly Daylight Framed PrintThe term “giclée” refers to a relatively new method of creating fine art prints. Using digital artwork and ink-jet printers, with a unique color process that allows for subtlety and dimension, artists can reproduce their work more quickly and with greater quality than before.

On her Web site, artist Roberta Wesley says, “Giclées have revolutionized the art business. We are able to print out giclées in a variety of sizes without incurring the expense of printing a large edition. It allows us to offer our customers the beauty of an oil painting at a price they can afford.”

The Bearly Daylight Framed Print is a reproduction of one of Wesley’s works. Depicting a bear family playing in shafts of light in a detailed mountain stream, it’s the kind of rustic framed art that can add interest to a room. And as far as rustic decor goes, it doesn’t get any better than black bears in a rustic barnwood frame.