Coues Antler Wall Sconces


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Coues Antler Wall SconcesAre you happy with your cabin entryway? This article from offers some tips on designing a foyer that leaves a lasting impression. But even if your cabin is already built, there are ways to make it welcoming.

We spy a sconce in the foyer featured in this article that has the antlers we love. For a similar lighting fixture, check out this set of two Coues Antler Wall Sconces. They feature wrought iron scrollwork accented by genuine antlers and natural rawhide shades. They require two 25-watt candelabra bulbs each to provide soft lighting.

The world of wall sconces is wide, of course, and you can choose from so many options. You can choose from those that give off a little more light to those that give off just a soft ambient glow, like this mica-shaded Ponderosa Pine Ridge Top Sconce. Or you might go with other types of rustic lighting for your entryway, like a flush mount light or even a chandelier. All it needs to do is give off a welcoming glow.

Bear Adventure Fleece Warm Me Up


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Bear Adventure Fleece Warm Me UpWe’re officially in the thick of football season. That means Saturdays at the stadium or Sundays tucked inside with the game and some snacks. And as we get closer to the playoffs, it means cooler temperatures.

This Bear Adventure Fleece Warm Me Up is a warm blanket that can be fastened into a wrap. It’s great for frosty nights at the stadium or curling up on the sofa. It’s made from soft and warm recycled fibers, 90% acrylic and 10% poly, and it’s machine washable.

The warm me up also comes in the Fall Adventure pattern, and both designs come in traditional blankets as well. Fleece makes great rustic bedding. It’s warm and soft and lends itself well to outdoor-themed designs. If you’re looking for cabin bedding, or just something warm to take to the game with you, fleece might be just what you need.

Come in Friends Hooked Rug


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Come in Friends Hooked RugFew things in life compare with the love we have for our dogs. Among cabin dwellers, dogs are perhaps especially welcome companions. They can be hunting guides as well as familiar, friendly faces in the wilderness, and their enthusiasm for the outdoors is contagious.

This Come in Friends Hooked Rug features two black labs in hooked wool with a cotton canvas backing. It’s perfect for a hunter, or anyone who simply loves dogs. It was designed by Vermont artist Laura Megroz, who does a lot of folk art and outdoor themes.

For other rustic wildlife rugs, check out this collection by the same artist or this Labs in the Marsh Rug Collection. And for your favorite furry friend, try this hickory dog bed. Because even our canine guests at the cabin enjoy a nice rustic retreat.

Bark Lamp w/ Bear & Moose Shade


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Bark Lamp w/ Bear & Moose ShadeHere’s a story on how one of the founders of Under Armour turned his second home into a permanent refuge. They kept it outdoorsy and full of lodge accents, but with a contemporary polish. The result is a rustic retreat that’s more than a home away from home.

To make your lodge style your own, look for pieces that, quite simply, appeal to you. If you’re into a vintage flair with your rustic decor, this Bark Lamp w/ Bear & Moose Shade offers an unfinished, bark-on wood base and a hand-printed cotton shade with vintage postcard images of bear and moose. It might be a rugged addition to your bear decor, or simply a touch of woodsy charm to accent your living area.

Of course, cabin decor can have a more understated woodsiness as well. This snowshoes wall hanging is a simple touch that adds an air of a beloved ski retreat. Whichever lodge furnishings you choose, have fun and go with items that express your taste and style.

Black Bear Canoe


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Black Bear CanoeA couple weeks ago we explored the fun of outdoor fall parties with this Black Bear Fire Pit and other garden art items. Here’s another slideshow on creating a fabulous garden. Because making the outdoors inviting can be just as much fun as decorating the indoors.

And if it’s bears you’re into, this Black Bear Canoe sculpture might be the perfect addition to your yard art collection. In polyresin, it can stand up to mild weather and can hold the plants or potpourri of your choosing. It can also come indoors and hold fruit or pinecones.

Other bear decor in the vein of yard and garden art include this Bear & Cubs Planter/Basket and this Black Bear Flag Holder. Indoors or out, log cabin decor makes a cabin or home a great place to get away.