Turquoise Adds Natural Beauty to Your Home


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Black Diamond Turquoise Bath HardwareIn the American southwest, we’ve had a long love affair with turquoise. The gemstone provides a spot of beauty with a diamond-in-the-rough quality, and the color is bright, cheerful and versatile. Here are some things you might not have known about turquoise.

  • Turquoise is not limited to the southwest United States. It has been found in Egypt dating back to ancient times.
  • The blue color of turquoise comes from copper, while the green color comes from iron in the soil.
  • The word turquoise comes from a word meaning “Turkish,” since the gems were first brought to Europe from Turkey.

In home décor, turquoise stones and cabochons provide a note of rugged beauty and a pop of color. As in this table runner, they contribute to a western feel. And in this bath hardware, they add a regal touch and plenty of western beauty.

Of course, it’s not just the stones themselves that are gorgeous. The color alone adds a warm, welcome touch to any room. This barn wood table creates a country look with a beautiful turquoise blue distressed finish. The color looks beautiful with deep brown and cream, or it can be paired with bright red or orange for a completely different look.

Are you addicted to turquoise in your interior decor? Tell us what your favorite turquoise item is.

Product Review: Bear with Cubs Visual Edge Wildlife Art


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Bear with Cubs Visual Edge Wildlife ArtThis wildlife art features bears in bold colors and dramatic brushstrokes. A row of bear tracks adorns the side of the canvas on the finished and closed frame for an added wildlife touch. With colors that saturated, it’s bound to get attention in any room, and it would work well in contrast with a color scheme of blue or rich browns.

The artist, oil painter Diane Whitehead, is especially known for images of animals, though she also paints in western imagery and still life as well. She often photographs animals and then paints the images that come from her photos.

If you like this piece, you might be interested in the Moose Visual Edge Wildlife Art, complete with moose tracks along the edge. These pieces are not exceptionally large, so they may be paired together on a wall to create an homage to the wildlife you love. Both pieces capture the spirit of the animals so beautifully, and they add a touch of natural beauty with artistic flair to your home décor.

Western Bedding Styles


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Cimarron Southwest Bedding from Lonestarwesterndecor.com

Cimarron Southwest Bedding from Lonestarwesterndecor.com

Western looks work great in the cabin—they create a frontier feeling and can add a spirit of fun and spunk, or one of vintage charm. A western theme can be particularly great in a cabin bedroom, with bedding that captures free-spirited western run. Here are some of the things we love most about Lone Star Western Decor:

  • Southwest stripes and geometrics. These looks can be wistful and beautiful, or bold and inviting, and they pay homage to the southwest in a striking way. Plus, the colors are almost always amazing.
  • Fringe and leather. Nothing says “western” like fringe and leather, whether real or faux. They uniquely create a look that’s lightly equestrian and full of Old West appeal. A fringed faux leather accent pillow or sham, for example, gives a bed set irresistible western charm.
  • Embroidery and tooling. Embroidery creates a feeling of quality and adds beauty to a bedding collection, and embossing and tooling provide a look that’s gorgeously western.
  • Metal hardware. Conchos, buckles and rivets provide the perfect little touches to any western comforter or pillow. Whether rugged and bold or subtle and simple, they add the kind of detail that makes a bedding collection great.

What’s your favorite part of a bedding collection? Is it the fine details? Do you love an abundance of shams and Euro shams for a luxurious look? Do you have a western look in your bedroom?

Hunting by the Numbers


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From deer.comAre you a hard-core hunter? Hunting is one popular way to spend time in the outdoors. Here are some hunting statistics from the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s report from 2006:

  • 12.5 million people 16 years old and older took part in hunting in the US, 10.7 million of which hunted big game such as deer and elk.
  • The money spent on hunting totaled $22.9 billion. The majority of it was spent on equipment (no surprise there) with travel expenditures and the “other” category (including literature, dues for hunting clubs, land leasing and licenses) close together at second and third.
  • Deer were overwhelmingly the most popularly hunted animal, with 10.1 million hunters reporting that they hunted deer. Turkeys were a distant second at 2.6 million. (It is difficult to count the number of deer in any particular area, but most agree that they are overpopulated in the US, which can cause the deer to starve to death as they run out of food.)

If hunting is your thing, chances are there’s some camouflage in your life. Camo is available on everything these days, from apparel to car accessories to dog collars. Here you can find camouflage bedding to express your love of an active outdoor lifestyle and dress up your bedroom, or camo rugs to add a camouflage accent to your home. And if you really want to outfit your hunting lodge—or just create the look of one in your cabin—there’s also lots of hunting and fishing décor, full of antlers and fishing-themed décor, to make your rooms stand out as a rugged retreat.

If you hunt, here’s to a great upcoming season. Tell us how long you’ve been hunting. And be safe out there!

For more information visit: http://www.camotrading.com

Product Review: Southwestern Rug Metal Art Wall Hanging


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Southwestern Rug Metal Art Wall HangingSouthwest art works wonderfully in a rustic home. It uniquely captures the wistful, rugged beauty of the American west, and the colors are always warm and inviting. This Southwest Rug Metal Art Wall Hanging offers that southwest look with bold, shimmering colors and dimensional touches. This piece is a far cry from mass-produced wall art. Each one is signed and numbered by the artist, Jay L. Tschudy.

A descendant of Blackfoot (Chippewa) Native Americans, Tschudy lives and creates his art in Arizona. According to his website, he was born with only his left hand, and thus finds metals to be a more challenging medium than wood, clay and stone. Most of his work expresses southwest and Native American themes, all in gorgeous colors and patina.

If southwest art is a love of yours, be sure to check out SouthwestArt magazine. It’s always good for wonderful paintings and stunning work, and it’s a great way to find new artists. Pablo Picasso once said, “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” Art has a way of expressing our lives, and in a home, it adds beauty and nurtures the soul. In that sense, art is one of the best investments you can make.