Review of Realtree Camo Slippers


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Realtree AP Camo Slippers

I am a frequent hunter living in the south. I love products with the Realtree camo print. While walking through the store, I decided to purchase the Realtree AP Camo Leather Slippers. The camo print really caught my eye when I first saw them. Needless to say, the shoes are a winner from every angle. I was surprise when I picked up the slippers on how light they were. The materials used on the slippers are high quality. The stitching is well done. The Realtree print on the slippers is an excellent design from their other camo products. The overall best feature of the slippers is the sheepskin liner. My feet were warm throughout the winter, even while walking on wooden floors. The durable rubber sole is tough even on the hardest of materials, such as cement. I decided to leave a little extra room for my feet, so I bought the slippers one size bigger than my tennis shoes. However the sizes where spot on. These slippers are durable enough to wear around the house or to the store. I can wear them all day without my feet hurting due to the comfort of the sole. Just remember, if ordering online, shipping is unavailable to Alaska or Canada. No matter how cold it is; my feet will stay warm with my favorite print.

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Is The Mojave Black Valance Right For Your Southwestern Room?


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Mojave Black ValanceThe first things people notice when they walk into a room are the windows. What you do not want them to notice, however, is empty, glass-covered holes. A great way to stop this from happening is by adding drapes and a valance. These act like pieces of art where no art can be hung.

Some of the nicest valances you will find are from Lone Star Western Décor. Of their valances you should take notice of is the Mojave Black Valance. If you have a room that is done in a western or southwestern décor, then this is the valance for you.

These are made from black, microfiber suede and trimmed with faux leather then blanket stitched. It is then accented with an embroidered with a geometric, southwestern pattern. With the right drapes, which they also sell, they can cause your windows to make a bold, yet tasteful, statement and truly bring the room together. Lone Star is so sure you will love them they even offer it with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Your Mojave Black Valance can be the completing touch that any room with southwester décor needs to look finished.

The Aspen Log Three Bell Light Fixture


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The aspen log three bell light fixture is a beautiful and rustic piece for any log cabin. It would be a great addition to any country or ranch house decor. It is a beautifully designed piece. Very simple lines and dimensions make it almost a work of art. Even with the simplicity of the design, this piece adds a profound personality to the room.

It has a very basic design that gives an essence of quality and grace to any room that you choose to incorporate it. The aspen log three bell light fixture will go beautifully over a dining room table or in a den. This is a very unique decorative piece that can only be appreciated by those with the highest of taste.

You are not likely to see this type of artwork very often, even though it is very well priced for the quality of the merchandise. It is a rare piece that is so easy to own. It is simply gorgeous. The aspen log three bell light fixture is made from aspen wood. It is sturdy and secure with an amazing semi-gloss finish. This fixture could easy transform from a masculine piece to a finishing touch in any country themed setting.aspen-log-three-bell-light-fixture

Sunset Pottery Vases


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sunset-pottery-vasesThis trio of vases from were created from beautifully hand-crafted terra cotta rich with veins of color that seem to have been drawn from the desert sunset. A sun baked brown/bronze flows into reds, yellows and oranges that swirl like brushstrokes from a Southwest palette.

The three pieces are 16″, 19″ and 22″ tall with four handles near the top, giving them the feel of Western or Southwestern Indian water ewers.

The sleek form and deep earthy colors, along with the look of durable functionality will renew, or perhaps become focal points of any Western, Southwestern or even coastal (beach side) decor.

Together or separately, these vases can be used empty or to contain silk or natural vegetation in muted or bold floral colors. Place one or all three pieces on a white or whitewashed shelf or bookcase to add a splash of color to a personal collection or arrangement of favorite books. Perhaps on a window seat to lend a peaceful, relaxing feel or in a niche or on the fireplace mantle paired with rustic primitive art or American Indian collectables.

Versatile, beautiful, tasteful pieces of classic artistry, these three pieces of pottery are perfect additions to the right home decor.

Review of Cabin Block Braided Rug


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cabin-block-braided-rugMy husband and I recently finished building ourselves a beautiful cabin up north. We have been in the process of decorating, and the décor at Black Forest Décor has been our number one place. This Cabin Block Braided Rug fit right into the theme of our place. The colors have a very nice neutral tone, so it really does fit with everything. We weren’t sure if we wanted to focus on decorating our place with just one theme, like fish, or deer, so this rug was a perfect choice. No matter what we choose to decorate the rest of our cabin with, the rug will be sure to fit right in. We have had the rug sitting at the front entrance during most of our move in process, and I am impressed with the new look it’s retained. The workmanship put into the rug must be superb; we have had large mover guys moving in and out all day long. I expect the rug to last a very long time, and am excited to see it every time as a welcome to my new cabin!