Greeted by a Black Bear


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Climbing Black BearEveryone needs to have some fun once in a while.  Guests will get a kick out of the whimsical surprise of of being greeted by this Climbing Black Bear.  His gentle eyes and curious expression seem to reflect the foolery that some real black bears can accomplish without the damage.  This statuette is imported and made from hand cast resin.  It is durable enough to leave out doors even at a seasonal home.

This bear hangs on any corner or post.  However, you may want to permanently secure it if you are going to leave it outdoors all of the time.  Measuring at 11″W x 10″D x 18 1/4″H it is a rather large accent piece and the surrounding area and items needs to be along the same scale.  Since it is an outdoor or entryway piece it will work well even if you are using a more formal cabin decor setting inside.

It will take about a week to arrive and will be shipped via UPS.  If you are shipping it to a second home you will want to ask someone to keep an eye out for the package as it will probably not require a signature at the time of delivery.  With a small amount of work to hang, this Black Bear Decor could be just the thing you are looking for to welcome your friends and family.

Unique Bear Address Plaque


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Bear silhouette plaque

Address plaques are often boring, but this one adds a little twist.   The Bear Silhouette Plaque is an interesting way to display the address for your house or cabin.   It is made in the USA from recycled aluminum.  The piece is rust free and painted with a weather resistant black finish.  This plaque is cast with a small amount of detail on the face and feet and a texture that resembles fur.   It comes with gold numbers and letters and it holds 6 spaces on the top line and 14 spaces on the bottom.  The top line characters measure 3 inches and the bottom characters 1 1/4 inches.

This address plaque would look good on a cabin, vacation home, or on any place where Rustic Garden Decor is the trend.  It does measure 15½”W x ¼”D x 9½”H which is larger than most address plaques, so you would want to consider the size of your space  before making your purchase.    Also, it attaches with 2 screws so you will need to decide ahead of time if you want to drill into the wall of the structure.  With a few proper tools and a mimimal amount of time the bear plaque should be fairly easy to secure in place.

Stylish and affordable Cabin Decor can be hard to find, but this address plaque could be worth the search.  Since this is a personalized item you will need to be patient.    Once you  order the plaque it will take about 3 weeks to arrive.  However, it will come by ground shipping and probably will not require a signature for delivery.