Greeted by a Black Bear


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Climbing Black BearEveryone needs to have some fun once in a while.  Guests will get a kick out of the whimsical surprise of of being greeted by this Climbing Black Bear.  His gentle eyes and curious expression seem to reflect the foolery that some real black bears can accomplish without the damage.  This statuette is imported and made from hand cast resin.  It is durable enough to leave out doors even at a seasonal home.

This bear hangs on any corner or post.  However, you may want to permanently secure it if you are going to leave it outdoors all of the time.  Measuring at 11″W x 10″D x 18 1/4″H it is a rather large accent piece and the surrounding area and items needs to be along the same scale.  Since it is an outdoor or entryway piece it will work well even if you are using a more formal cabin decor setting inside.

It will take about a week to arrive and will be shipped via UPS.  If you are shipping it to a second home you will want to ask someone to keep an eye out for the package as it will probably not require a signature at the time of delivery.  With a small amount of work to hang, this Black Bear Decor could be just the thing you are looking for to welcome your friends and family.

Log Dog Bed


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Log Dog BedWhen furnishing your home with Cabin Decor you need to remember your best friend!  Rustic pet furniture has come a long way since the cardboard box and carpet remnants.  Your dog will appreciate having his own cozy spot in the cabin.  The Log Dog Bed is hand made using solid lodge pole pine logs.  It is made in America and built for a lifetime of durability.  It comes with a poly/cotton mattress included and has a hard lacquer finish.

This pine Log Dog Bed measures 44′W x 34″D x 23″H.  This is a good size and will accommodate a range of pets from very small to extra large.  However, your pet may prefer his usual sleeping arrangements and might need some encouragement to sleep in his new bed.  You will also want to keep in mind that an older pet might have problems getting on and off of the bed, but a warm place to rest off of the floor will help to ease joint pain and stiffness.

The Log Dog Bed can only be shipped inside of the continental United States.  It takes approximately 2 weeks for production and shipping.  It will be sent via UPS and will probably not require a signature upon delivery.  With some treats and training your pet will be enjoying his new bed in no time.

Fun Trout Bench


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Trout Creek BenchRustic decor definitely calls for wood furniture.  This Trout Creek Bench is hand made in the USA with birch, pine, and alder woods.  The red and green adirondack and trout design is hand painted with an antiqued finish.  The legs and supports are round while the edges are completed with twig accents and these have a dark stained finish.  The dimensions of this bench are 48”W x 14”D x 16”H.

Rustic benches such as this one work great in the entryway, mud room, or on the covered porch of a cabin.  This one definitely goes with trout decor, however it would also go well when incorporated with other nature or wildlife themes.  But, you want to take in to consideration how you are going to use your wooden bench.  A decorative finish such as this one is recommended for indoor  use.  If you are looking for a bench to place in a damp location you will want to employ a moisture resistant coating.

This bench is made to order and will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks for production and shipping.  It probably will not require a signature for delivery, but you may want to have someone available to accept the shipment.

Unique Bear Address Plaque


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Bear silhouette plaque

Address plaques are often boring, but this one adds a little twist.   The Bear Silhouette Plaque is an interesting way to display the address for your house or cabin.   It is made in the USA from recycled aluminum.  The piece is rust free and painted with a weather resistant black finish.  This plaque is cast with a small amount of detail on the face and feet and a texture that resembles fur.   It comes with gold numbers and letters and it holds 6 spaces on the top line and 14 spaces on the bottom.  The top line characters measure 3 inches and the bottom characters 1 1/4 inches.

This address plaque would look good on a cabin, vacation home, or on any place where Rustic Garden Decor is the trend.  It does measure 15½”W x ¼”D x 9½”H which is larger than most address plaques, so you would want to consider the size of your space  before making your purchase.    Also, it attaches with 2 screws so you will need to decide ahead of time if you want to drill into the wall of the structure.  With a few proper tools and a mimimal amount of time the bear plaque should be fairly easy to secure in place.

Stylish and affordable Cabin Decor can be hard to find, but this address plaque could be worth the search.  Since this is a personalized item you will need to be patient.    Once you  order the plaque it will take about 3 weeks to arrive.  However, it will come by ground shipping and probably will not require a signature for delivery.

A Great Log Bed For your Cabin


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Rocky Mountain Log Bed

A log bed can complete your cabin style bedroom. The Rocky Mountain Log Bed is made in the USA from reclaimed solid pine logs.   The headboard is showcased with pine tree silhouette carvings and the finish highlights the natural appearance and color variation of the wood. The bed comes complete with side rails and slats that are also  made from pine logs. Black Forest Cabin Decor carries the matching night stand, 5 drawer chest, 6 drawer dresser, and mirror, as well.
Log beds are a wonderful addition to your rustic furniture. But, you need to keep in mind that they are very heavy and can take up a lot of space. You room needs to be large enough to accommodate a focal point of this size. Plus the floor needs to be strong enough to support furniture this heavy for a long period of time.
This bed is built to order which means you will have to wait about 6 weeks. It will come on a freight truck as a curbside delivery so you will need to inspect it upon arrival and have at least 2 people for moving it into the house and assembly. I have to say though, if you can be a little patient and are willing to work through some minor details you will have an incredible piece of Cabin Furniture.

The Perfect Rustic Vanity Lighting for your Cabin


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Rustic Skier Vanity Light

Rustic Vanity Lighting

Laser cutting is usually used in industrial manufacturing. But because it offers so much precision, it can be used in more artistic contexts as well. The Skier Vanity Light from Black Forest Cabin Decor uses a relief image of a skier slaloming in front of a pine and mountain background cut by laser from rolled steel, and as you can see, the laser cutting process yields good detail and a very crisp finish.

The finish on these products is either a warm copper-colored glaze or a soft matte black, both of which create a natural, rustic effect. So they fit in fine with your rustic cabin decor, but the fine details and artistry add just a little extra polish.

Incidentally, a lot of these kinds of rustic vanity lights, just like any lighting fixture, have installation requirements a cut above simply plugging in a lamp. They do have a way of completely changing the look of a room, though. So if you’re willing to put in the work of installing pieces like these—or if someone mechanically inclined lives in your house—you might get the results you’re looking for. You can find more information here and here.