The Perfect Rustic Vanity Lighting for your Cabin


Posted by admin | Posted in Cabin Decor, Rustic Lighting | Posted on 14-04-2010

Rustic Skier Vanity Light

Rustic Vanity Lighting

Laser cutting is usually used in industrial manufacturing. But because it offers so much precision, it can be used in more artistic contexts as well. The Skier Vanity Light from Black Forest Cabin Decor uses a relief image of a skier slaloming in front of a pine and mountain background cut by laser from rolled steel, and as you can see, the laser cutting process yields good detail and a very crisp finish.

The finish on these products is either a warm copper-colored glaze or a soft matte black, both of which create a natural, rustic effect. So they fit in fine with your rustic cabin decor, but the fine details and artistry add just a little extra polish.

Incidentally, a lot of these kinds of rustic vanity lights, just like any lighting fixture, have installation requirements a cut above simply plugging in a lamp. They do have a way of completely changing the look of a room, though. So if you’re willing to put in the work of installing pieces like these—or if someone mechanically inclined lives in your house—you might get the results you’re looking for. You can find more information here and here.