Antler Wall Shelf


Posted by Jessica | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 23-12-2010

Antler Wall ShelfIn rustic decorating 101, according to this article, a key element is using natural materials like unfinished woods, raw metals and antlers. To create a rugged mountain or western look, those natural materials are indispensable, and antlers can add particularly dramatic natural beauty. The key to using antlers successfully is to use them tastefully. Treat them as beautiful novelties found in nature, and don’t overwhelm a room with too many. Also keep in mind that reproduction antlers often look very realistic and can create the look you want without the price tag.

This Antler Wall Shelf features reproduced antlers that closely resemble the real thing. A faux bark-on wood shelf makes this piece both functional and decorative. It’s the kind of subtle decorative antler touch that adds a little rustic flair without overpowering the room.

Antlers have an abundance of uses in cabin décor. Antler lighting can take the form of lamps, chandeliers or sconces and can add a striking visual element to a room. And other antler décor can show up as furniture, wall art, even tableware.

So if you’re creating a cabin retreat, don’t miss out on the natural beauty antlers can offer. They can lean either rugged and masculine for a hunting lodge or pretty and graceful. Either way, they capture the essence of rustic décor.

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