Barnwood Enclosed Nightstand


Posted by Jessica | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 06-08-2010

Barnwood Enclosed NightstandThe use of reclaimed wood for furniture and flooring has been slowly on the rise. Wood was used plentifully in construction in early American history because it was so plentiful. As those old buildings are torn down, the wood is being used elsewhere. This has notable environmental implications. In this article for ProSales magazine, Bob Falk of Madison, Wisconsin’s Forest Service’s Forest Product Lab says, “If you spec reclaimed rather than new lumber in a new house, you can cut the carbon footprint for the lumber by 60% to 90%.”

This barnwood nightstand is made from reclaimed red oak from 1800s tobacco barns and kiln-dried bark-on hickory legs. It’s finished in a matte lacquer for rustic polish. If you’re looking for other reclaimed lumber bedroom furniture, check out this four-drawer dresser and spacious rustic armoire for storage.

Reclaimed barnwood, with its natural distressing and character, lends itself perfectly to rustic home decor.

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