Bear Bedding for Your Cabin


Posted by Jessica | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 07-06-2011

Maybe it’s their sense of mystery, or their regal beauty. Maybe it’s how they perfectly embody the rugged outdoors. Whatever it is, bears have a way of fascinating us, and they make perfect home décor for cabins and rustic decorating schemes. Bear bedding in particular creates a charming space in your cabin or lodge bedroom.

Your exact bedding needs depend on a number of factors—how much warmth you need, your surrounding décor and the degree of casualness in your home, among other things.

If you need plenty of warmth in your bear bedding, a wool bedspread or thick comforter will be your best bet. You can also layer blankets under cotton coverlets and bedspreads to suit your needs. And if you need something lighter weight for the summer months, a tapestry coverlet in your favorite bear design can do the job just fine.

Bear Adventure Fleece BeddingWhen it’s time to choose a color and pattern, you’ll need to work closely with your bedroom’s surrounding décor. Choose colors that complement the other colors in your room, and patterns that express your taste and style while also working with the rest of your décor. Busy patterns, for example, might overwhelm the room if you’re pairing them with busy wallpaper and rugs.

Another determining factor in which bear bedding you choose will have to do with whether you want a luxury collection or a more casual look. The upside of a collection with lots of pillows and shams is that it makes your bedroom feel like a luxurious place to relax, and makes the room look put together with lots of style and design. The rest of your cabin may have a more casual feel, though, and in that case a simpler fleece collection could do just fine.

Of course, the most important thing to consider when choosing bedding for your home décor is, quite simply, your own taste and style. And if bears have your heart, you’ll have no trouble finding the bear bedding that works for your home or cabin.

Oh, and once you’ve chosen the perfect bedding, here’s a how-to from showing how to keep your bedding clean and extend its life. Enjoy!

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