Bedroom Makeover


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Wilderness Bedding CollectionFeeling a little blah about your cabin bedroom? Adding a little creativity to your bedroom décor can create a rustic retreat you’ll love.


With so many choices of bedding, it’s hard to know what to choose. You can go classic with tartans, traditional with quilts or casual with fleece. Because bedding can be such a dominate design element, choose the colors and patterns that, quite simply, appeal to you the most. Then you can add other design pieces to highlight the particular rustic style you’re trying to create.


The right lighting makes any room come alive, and the same is true for bedrooms. A unique rustic lamp or lampshade can add interest to a room. And though they may not seem an obvious choice for the bedroom, ceiling fixtures such as pendants and chandeliers add a nice glow in just the right location. quotes designer James Huniford in saying, “A room should have multiple kinds of light to balance it and give it interest: hanging fixtures with uplights and downlights in them to add perspective, table lamps for tasks, and candlelight for coziness. It’s beautiful to group candles in twos and threes on tables and on window ledges.” With a little variety, you can light your bedroom up with a warm glow in the rustic style you love.


Seating groupings can provide a little spot to get away. This spread from demonstrates. Use seating around a fireplace, in pairs for conversation, or tucked into a corner for a reading nook to create little spaces to get comfortable within your bedroom. You can also try a long bench or trunk at the end of your bed for an extra place to sit. As a bonus, a trunk will supply storage.


Bedrooms should be homey and comforting. That’s why vintage flair is such a good choice for bedroom accents. Collectibles, family heirlooms, and vintage-style items create that homey feel. This spread from gives tips on using art to make a room appealing and comfortable. Collectibles that can be hung on a wall, such as a washboard or other vintage country item, or unique wall art

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