Capitol Wildlife Decanter


Posted by Jessica | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 23-09-2010

Capitol Wildlife DecanterIf you’ve ever wondered when you should decant wine, according to this article, it might be more often than you think. Pouring wine into a decanter separates out the sediment and adds oxygen, which enhances the flavor. This author advocates decanting all types of wine, especially younger ones.

Of course, sometimes a decanter can be used for a more decorative function than aerating a fine wine. This Capitol Wildlife Decanter and matching Wildlife Decanter offer an appropriately masculine touch to a home bar. A pewter medallion on each displays a wildlife carving (your choice of elk, black bear and moose), and a set of matching double old fashioned glasses are available as well.

You can carry this rugged look into the rest of your cabin dining areas with rustic wildlife dinnerware sets and other kitchen accessories. These Antler Tip Steak Knives, with authentic naturally shed antlers, are about as rugged and rustic as it gets. Log cabin decor is an opportunity for bold design, masculine touches and woodsy themes, all of which can work great at the dining table and bar.

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