Carved Black Bear Log Beds


Posted by Jessica | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 09-09-2010

Carved Black Bear Log BedThe art of chainsaw carving can be both rustic and precise. By its very nature, it lends itself well to cabin decor schemes. The raw wood medium, the natural finish, the usual wildlife subject matter—chainsaw art looks perfect in a cabin.

These Carved Black Bear Log Beds offer detailed, refined chainsaw carving on each post in the form of small black bears. This piece is made from standing dead lumber, which means that the size will vary slightly with variations in the wood. As with other log bedroom furniture, you’ll want to be sure your flooring can support the weight of this bed.

The same collection also features a wood bench and matching end table/nightstand. And this directory features chainsaw sculptors, videos and other resources. Because there is plenty of rustic fun to be had with chainsaw carving.

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