Deer Valley Nightstand with Copper


Posted by Jessica | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 26-08-2010

Deer Valley NightstandCopper has been recycled about as long as it’s been used by man. In the early American colonies, copper was regularly recycled to avoid having to go through Britain to get new copper objects. Even today, recycled copper makes up a big portion of all the copper products that are bought and sold in the United States.

This Mexican-made Deer Valley Nightstand with Copper features hand-hammered recycled copper paneling. It’s also crafted individually by hand, and as an eco-friendly bonus makes use of reclaimed barnwood. You’ll encounter a slightly longer wait time if you order this product. But you’re getting quality craftsmanship in return. The copper also makes it a unique addition to your western bedroom furniture.

For other coppery western touches to your log cabin decor, check out this Tombstone Ridge Table Lamp and this horse metal art wall hanging. The brilliant sheen of copper adds a special touch to any room.

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