Hickory Lakeview Pub Table and Barstool


Posted by Jessica | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 07-02-2011

Hickory Lakeview Pub Table and BarstoolA breakfast nook is a great place for casual dining in your home. It can make a feel cabin feel extra homey and welcoming and provide a place to snack, read and just be. Maybe you’re not in a position to remodel your kitchen to create a built-in nook, but with the right table and chairs, you can create one.

This Hickory Lakeview Pub Table and Barstool set comes in beautiful bark-on hickory to suit your cabin decor needs. The oak top of the table has a walnut finish, and the stools come in two choices of fabric. Both the barstool and the table are available in two heights to suit the needs of your kitchen. The simple addition of this table and chairs can create the perfect dining spot in your cabin kitchen.

If your home already has a built-in bar you’re looking to furnish with barstools, these hickory barstools have the same natural hickory finish in your choice of a rustic red or green top. They too are available in a second height to suit your needs.

Casual dining spots add fun and function to your cabin home. With the right furniture, you can create one of your own.

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