Hunting by the Numbers


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From deer.comAre you a hard-core hunter? Hunting is one popular way to spend time in the outdoors. Here are some hunting statistics from the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s report from 2006:

  • 12.5 million people 16 years old and older took part in hunting in the US, 10.7 million of which hunted big game such as deer and elk.
  • The money spent on hunting totaled $22.9 billion. The majority of it was spent on equipment (no surprise there) with travel expenditures and the “other” category (including literature, dues for hunting clubs, land leasing and licenses) close together at second and third.
  • Deer were overwhelmingly the most popularly hunted animal, with 10.1 million hunters reporting that they hunted deer. Turkeys were a distant second at 2.6 million. (It is difficult to count the number of deer in any particular area, but most agree that they are overpopulated in the US, which can cause the deer to starve to death as they run out of food.)

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If you hunt, here’s to a great upcoming season. Tell us how long you’ve been hunting. And be safe out there!

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