Northwoods Pinecone Stained Glass Window


Posted by Jessica | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 19-11-2010

Northwoods Pinecone Stained Glass WindowStained glass isn’t just for churches, and it’s more doable than you might think. Here’s an article detailing some of the ways stained glass windows can improve a room. Among other things, it can add interest to a room, disguise a less-than-stunning view and create a mood-lighting effect. And it’s not too hard to find pieces that install easily or even temporarily, eliminating installation as a prohibitive factor in using stained glass.

For a cabin setting, this Northwoods Pinecone Stained Glass Window features a woodland theme in natural shades of brown, green and sky blue, with a mission-style border accent. It includes brackets and chain for installation and measures a substantial three feet wide. A piece like this is large and splashy enough that it needs a prominent spot in your home, like a living room window that gets a lot of sunlight. If you’re looking for more of an accent for your kitchen or bath, you might go with a smaller piece.

If you don’t have a good space for a stained glass window or wall hanging, you can still add the look of stained glass to your cabin with a lighting element. This Acorn Pendant Light features stained glass and a dramatic acorn shape with oak leaf accents. Or, for a lighting accent that doesn’t require installation, this Branches Table Lamp provides stained glass lighting and a natural theme. The right wall hangings or rustic lighting can strike just the right note of elegance in your home or cabin.

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