Red Dawn Vases


Posted by Jessica | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 12-01-2011

Red Dawn VasesHere’s a word you may not hear too often: ombre. Ombre refers to a gradient in color, kind of like tie dye. It can be used anywhere, from wallpaper to clothing to dinnerware. And it so often adds a classy, artistic look. According to this blog, ombre has been showing up everywhere lately, and many hope it will always be in style.

These Red Dawn Vases have an ombre effect, going gradually from deep blood red at the base to a brighter red at the top. They’re made from hand-blown recycled glass and come in triangular bases accented with beaded charms, and you can choose between two sizes to fit your needs. These pieces would blend well in a western décor scheme, but they would also transition well into a contemporary room or add a splash of artistry to a more rustic setting.

For vases with similar blends of color, check out these Fairhaven Pottery Vases, with an aged finish that transitions from red or turquoise to natural clay.  Similarly, these adobe pots offer an aged turquoise finish that blends with its soft clay base color.

Color so often makes a room what it is. By choosing cabin décor with artful, opulent colors, you can add a unique look to your rustic cabin.

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