Review of Cabin Block Braided Rug


Posted by Jessica | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 01-03-2012

cabin-block-braided-rugMy husband and I recently finished building ourselves a beautiful cabin up north. We have been in the process of decorating, and the décor at Black Forest Décor has been our number one place. This Cabin Block Braided Rug fit right into the theme of our place. The colors have a very nice neutral tone, so it really does fit with everything. We weren’t sure if we wanted to focus on decorating our place with just one theme, like fish, or deer, so this rug was a perfect choice. No matter what we choose to decorate the rest of our cabin with, the rug will be sure to fit right in. We have had the rug sitting at the front entrance during most of our move in process, and I am impressed with the new look it’s retained. The workmanship put into the rug must be superb; we have had large mover guys moving in and out all day long. I expect the rug to last a very long time, and am excited to see it every time as a welcome to my new cabin!

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