Surviving Snow


Posted by Jessica | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 12-01-2012

Fresh fallen snowSnow! It’s beautiful, peaceful, nostalgic and wonderful, right? True, but it can also be annoying and sometimes dangerous. Here are a few handy, everyday tips for getting through snow season with your sanity—and safety—intact and enjoying cabin life whatever the weather.

  • From, coat your plastic or metal snow shovel with cooking spray, and the snow and ice will slide cleanly off rather than build up. This will make shoveling the driveway much easier.
  • When it comes to driving in the snow and ice, advises avoiding it if at all possible. But if you do have to venture out on the roads, follow these guidelines:
    • Slow down. Leave yourself extra time to get there, and extend your following distance by as much as three times.
    • Accelerate and decelerate slowly—don’t slam on the brakes or the gas.
    • Lower gears can help you keep traction on hills.
  • If you won’t be at the cabin for the winter, be sure to winterize. This site has a comprehensive list of steps to take to get your cabin ready for the frigid winter months.
  • Remember last year, when a monster snowstorm tore through, oh, the entire United States, leaving us with enough snow days to test the sanity of your average Zen monk? Here’s a blog full of (humorous) tips for surviving a snow day with cabin-feverish kids.

Hang in there. March is just a few months away. And in the meantime, it’s hard to look outside and not feel a childlike thrill of love for snow. Enjoy! How are you handling the snow this year?

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